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EPE is looking to hire 1 to 2 Senior Power Systems Engineers in their Austin, TX office by end of 2016, and three more in 2017


EPE President attending the 9th Annual Transmission Summit that will be held in San Angelo, Texas on January 25-26, 2017


EPE Presenting at Utilities of the Future Workshop in Washington, D.C. on Decemeber 12-13, 2016




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ERCOT Resource Asset Registration Forms (RARF)

ERCOT Resource Asset Registration Forms (RARF)

EPE is an industry leader in guiding generation resources through the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Interconnection Application process. EPE completes on a weekly basis ERCOT’s Resource Asset Registration Forms (RARF) for many new or existing generation resources.

EPE assists our generation resource Clients with all the stages of the ERCOT RARF. This task includes furnishing all the necessary Resource Asset Registration Form (RARF) information for the Screening Study (SS) phase, the Full Interconnection Study phase as well as the commissioning phase of generation projects. During these stages, EPE can provide the following services to accurately complete the RARF:

• Collection system and substation one-line diagrams to meet ERCOT filing requirements
• Transmission site map showing the collection system, project substation, collection layout and point of interconnection
• Collection system impedances necessary for ERCOT to model the project in table format on per circuit and system basis

EPE can also assist our clients with submitting the application and supplying any additional information requested by ERCOT.