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EPE is looking to hire 1 to 2 Senior Power Systems Engineers in their Austin, TX office by end of 2016, and three more in 2017


EPE President attending the 9th Annual Transmission Summit that will be held in San Angelo, Texas on January 25-26, 2017


EPE Presenting at Utilities of the Future Workshop in Washington, D.C. on Decemeber 12-13, 2016




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At EPE, we treat each client and project as our own. We adapt our scope of work, deliverability and timeline to meet our client's needs, all without compromising the excellent engineering services we provide. EPE has completed work all across the USA and internationally for a wide variety of clients.

• Rural electric cooperatives
• Municipal electric distribution systems
• Utilities
• Industrial clients
• Generating entities
• Renewable Generation Developers

• Over 50 renewable generation clients.
• Over 100 generator interconnection assessments per year

briefing on a few of our projects

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Utility Scale Wind Energy Projects in the Texas-Oklahoma Panhandle
Client: Novus Windpower, LLC
Description: EPE completed an outside/third party load-flow analysis using models created in the latest Definitive Interconnection System Impact Study (DISIS) study and obtained from SPP. As part of this work EPE ran several scenarios to determine an optimal solution to interconnecting the projects rather than paying expensive system upgrades to SPP, as suggested in the DISIS study. Additionally, EPE worked closely with SPP, in representation of the client, to discuss EPE’s findings and reduce the necessary upgrades to interconnect the projects. The projects are currently negotiating their Interconnection Agreements.


40.5 MW Petersburg Wind Farm in Boone County, Nebraska
Client: Third Plant Windpower
Description: EPE completed an outside study to shed light on Third Planet’s capability to export additional MW during an interim time period from the project located in Boone County, Nebraska. The analysis estimated the additional amount of export available using the powerflow case model that EPE assembled. EPE ran load-flow calculations to shed light on the maximum amount of MWs the project could interconnect in the "interim" time frame so the client could meet their Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) deadline, which was earlier than the identified timeline in the DISIS study. Upon completion of the previously described study, EPE worked with the client and SPP to come up with an interim solution to interconnect the project with minimal system upgrades in the timeframe identified by the PPA. This project is in commercial operation since November 2011.


Wind Project Fatal Flaw Due Diligence
Description: EPE performed a due diligence analysis and evaluated several wind projects under development in the SPP footprint. The due diligence consisted of the review of the interconnection plans, studies and markets for each project under study in order to identify any fatal flaws in the grid interconnection process and/or transmission grid export capability and associated market delivery costs.
EPE gathered information regarding the wind projects available from the projects' owners as well as data from other public sources, such as the corresponding Regional Transmission Organizations (RTOs) for each project under evaluation. Information gathering was followed by a thorough review, when applicable, of the data by checking its most up to date source, evaluation of the studies’ contents and contacting the corresponding RTOs where needed. Interconnection Requests (IRs) as well as Transmission Service Requests (TSRs) were examined for this phase of the work.
EPE made final recommendations on pursuing the wind projects that are most attractive and worth further consideration.


SPP Wind Project
Client: IPP-GDF Suez
Description: EPE reviewed SPP’s Preliminary Interconnection System Impact Study (PISIS) for the client's generation interconnection project with SPP. After the review, EPE completed the necessary studies and assisted the client in filing the interconnection application in order to move forward to the DISIS stage. EPE then reviewed SPP’s DISIS and assisted the client in order to move forward to the Facilities study phase.


AES Southland, Due Diligence Analysis 2010/11 and Transmission Effectiveness Analysis 2011
Testimony to the Public Utilities Commission of the State of California, August 2011

4,200 MW of Once Through Cooling (OTC) units in the Los Angeles (LA) Basin area, California:
EPE provided consulting services over a complete year and guided AES Southland in taking business decisions related to repowering their 4,200 MW of OTC units. Due Diligence Analyses were thoroughly provided in order to determine the possible alternatives for AES Southland to repower generation by 2020 on their existing three sites in the Western LA Basin area. These analyses were followed by a Transmission Effectiveness that served as indicative material in the Testimony that EPE and AES Southland put together to the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). In this campaign, our president, Hala Ballouz, testified before the CPUC and demonstrated that repowering of AES Southland is needed to reliably serve the Western LA Basin area.




105 MW of Wind in Kansas
Electric Power Engineers key lead to success of interconnection and PPA acquisition of this project.
EPE completed transmission analysis, and lead curtailment and congestion analysis reports on which a successful Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was reached for this project.
On December 7, 2011, Excelon Wind and Infinity Wind Holdings, LLC entered into a purchase agreement by which Excelon Wind purchased all of the membership intersts in Shooting Star Wind Project, LLC, a 104 MW wind power generation project in Kiowa County, Kansas. The acquisition includes a 20-year power purchase agreement with Mid-Kansas Electric Company for 100 percent of the project’s output. Construction of Shooting Star began in November 2011, and the project is expected to begin full commercial operation in the fourth quarter of 2012.

RRE Austin Solar, 2010
60 MW Solar PV farm in Manor, Texas: Owner’s Engineer for project development, from Site Investigation, to energy production assessment, project engineering design, selection of technology and major equipment, geotechnical and Environmental/permitting management, transmission grid interconnection, Purchase Power Agreement negotiations, Cost Analysis, equipment specifications, compliance with utility requirements, all the way to Engineering/ Procurement/ Construction. Projected Commercial Operation Date is October 2013.

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures, Webberville 30 MW Solar PV, 2010
EPE acted as owner's engineer on all transmission and design issues for interconnection of the first large scale solar Photovoltaic Project in the Texas providing the following technical services:

  • Market Deliverability and export analysis
  • Grid Interconnection Application and Process
  • Technology review and assessment of inverter technology available for utility scale PV projects
  • Review of Power Purchase Agreement
  • Working with equipment manufacturers to modify specs to meet project design requirements
  • Costing of major equipment
  • Regulatory and Operational review of utility requirements
  • Created an equivalent solar plant model forAustin Energy for the completion of the Full Interconnection Studies
The project signed a Power Purchase Agreement with Austin Energy, a leader in green energy.

The project was designed with Trina solar panels on single axis trackers.
The project is operational since December 2011.
Horn Wind, LLC, South Clay/Shannon 200 MW Wind Farm
200 MW wind farm in Austin Texas, using 111 Vestas V100 turbines” Owner’s Engineer on all phases of development, including but not limited to project design and grid interconnection, wind assessment and turbine selection, Power Purchase Agreement negotiations, financial and financing review, all the way to Engineering/Procurement/Construction. Expected in service date is December 2013.
AES Inc., Buffalo Gap123 Wind projects (2007-2010):
523 MW of Wind Generation currently In Operation. Abilene, Texas

EPE assisted and continues to provide technical and operational assistance for the Buffalo Gap Projects in Curtailment of energy studies, grid interconnection technical compliance, market operations review, design and analysis of export capacity. Worked closely on validating the projects for financing with JP Morgan. These projects are currently in operation.
Randado & Oilton, Texas, 2009
Transmission Export Analysis study for 80 MW & 84 MW wind generation farms. Grid Interconnection interface discussions with transmission provider. Preliminary Design and Engineering of collection system and Grid Interconnection interface. Preparation of Substation and Balance of Plant RFP and evaluation of bids. Review of turbine manufacturer specs for operational compliance with utility requirements.
Roscoe, Texas, 2008
Owner's engineering on the electrical interconnection design of the first D8.2, 2 MW wind turbine prototype by DeWind Incorporated. This prototype was used to provide funding for wind farm research at TSTC college. Commissioning was successfully completed the week of March 3, 2008 putting this prototype in operation for the first time in the US.
Evaluation of distribution grid interconnection and recommendations for upgrades to allow successful interconnection of the Texas State Technical College 2 MW wind turbine to the grid. Lead and reach good resolution on interface discussions with the utility on interconnection issues and engineering solutions to strengthen otherwise a weak distribution grid network at the point of interconnect.
Caprock, New Mexico, 2007
Supervision and review of Design / Engineering / Equipment procurement, and construction of the electrical system associated with the 80 MW Caprock Wind Ranch project. The electrical system included a 90 MVA, 115 kV - 34.5 kV substation with an 80 MVA
dynamic reactive power compensation system (D-VAR), 15 miles of 115 kV transmission tie line, 15 miles of underground 34.5 kV line, 20 miles of overhead 34.5 kV line, and eighty 1.25 MVA, 34.5 kV - 600 V pad-mount transformers.
Lewiston, Idaho
GPS Interface for Work Orders with direct link with electric distribution maps. Capable of handheld unit programming to download interactively from base GIS maps and datasets maintained by Electric Power Engineers, Inc. Engmap© Egnineering-GIS based software.

A few representative INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS     Return to top

Lamu Wind Project Steady State Analysis - Kenya - September 2013
Client: Cordisons International (K) Limited
Description: EPE completed a transmission screening analysis to identify the transmission limitations on exporting up to 100 MW from the Lamu Wind Project, located in Lake Moa and Kiongwe in the Lamu area, into the Republic of Kenya grid. The analysis estimated the transmission capability available from two interconnection points, each separately and independently as well as concurrently, using the powerflow models provided by the Kenya Power & Lighting Company (KPCL). In this analysis, EPE shed light on the necessary transmission improvements and upgrades that are needed to export the full 100 MW into the Kenyan grid. The Lamu Wind Project is one of the proposed wind energy development efforts in Kenya for a total of 350 MW, for which Cordisons have a license for potential development from the Ministry of Energy; it is expected to become operational in 2015.

Morocco, USTDA mission, 2010
United States Trade Development Agency (USTDA) definition mission for Renewable Energy Development in Morocco. EPE reviewed the technical and regulatory developments in renewable energy in Morocco, providing key recommendations on the selection of renewable energy development projects for studies to be funded by USTDA. Our President Hala N. Ballouz met with high officials in the Ministry of Energy, Office of National Electricity, American Moroccan Chamber of Commerce (AmCham), Agency for Development of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (ADEREE), Moroccan Agency of Solar Energy (MASEN) and other key agencies and officials in Morocco. EPE will continue to support Morocco in its excellent efforts for renewable energy development, with goals of 2 GW of Wind and 2 GW of Solar generation on the grid by 2020. Morocco has excellent renewable energy resources and prospects of exporting renewable energy to Europe.
Soma Wind Farm, Manissa, Turkey
36 X Nordex N90-2500 Turbines – Total of 90 MW
Bilgin Elektrik - Full blown feasibility analysis, including wind farm design using different turbine models and layout, and based on analysis of wind measurements. Provide complete financial analysis of all alternatives including but not limited to, equipment and construction costs, energy costs, wheeling and wholesale power costs and other economic indices Provide financing recommendations and assistance. The wind farm design recommended in the feasibility study provides the base for the next phase of the wind farm development. Although the project was constructed on a tough topography, with the specification provided in the feasibility study that EPE completed for this project, the complete project was finished in 9 months and is under operation since August 2010 with the specification provided in the feasibility study that EPE completed for this project. Soma Wind Farm has a production of 320 million kWh and reduces 190.000 tons of carbon emission annually.
Ras El Kaimah, UAE: Research and map existing transmission grid, and overlay Supply/Demand projections. Develop a long range plan to provide the Emirate delivery of power to exponential growth in industrial and large recreational developments. Propose alternative for power generation such as wind and nuclear including identifying grid interconnection strategy for new generation. Study the integration of a small 30 MW wind farm with the existing grid and private power plant in the Emirate.

Study to assist the National Electric Utility of El Salvador (CEL) in modernizing billing/records procedures including recommendations for a state-of-the art system of computer hardware/software and communications. Work completed under the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) contract. Participations in Electric Distribution Seminar hosted by the Instituto Nacional de Electrificacion in Guatemala