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EPE is looking to hire 1 to 2 Senior Power Systems Engineers in their Austin, TX office by end of 2016, and three more in 2017


EPE President attending the 9th Annual Transmission Summit that will be held in San Angelo, Texas on January 25-26, 2017


EPE Presenting at Utilities of the Future Workshop in Washington, D.C. on Decemeber 12-13, 2016




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Engineering Software

Electric Power Engineers, Inc. provides engineering software solutions tailored around enhancing our clients’ system planning and operations. EPE additionally deploys other state of the art engineering software to run transmission and distribution grid analysis. As information technology became more essential to the effective functioning of utilities, EPE began to develop software to augment our continuum of services. Over the 30-plus years that we have been developing software, we were among the first to offer our clients a full complement of PC based solutions. Our history of innovation and customer focus continues to this day hinging our services on GIS System Modeling and Consumer Information Systems. EPE has developed state-of-the-art PC-based software to meet the needs for mapping and engineering requirements of electric distribution utilities. Electric cooperatives are currently using EngMap©, to manage and study their distribution grid.


EPE Software, LTD, a subsidiary of Electric Power Engineers, Inc. has developed state-of-the art PC-based software to meet the needs for customer billing/records, mapping, and engineering requirements of electric, water, gas, distribution utilities.

IBM and Electric Power Engineers have formed an alliance to develop a new generation of Online Intelligent Software for the Design Automation and Optimization of Electric Distribution Systems.

EPE Software, LTD



EngMap© Developed by Electric Power Engineers, Inc. EngMap© is an add-on application that combines circuit diagram Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping with engineering calculations. It runs within 3rd party mapping software to add modeling functions to digital electrical system maps.

EPE develops custom Software, such as EngMap©, to embed engineering and mapping features within AutoCAD© and ArcGIS© platforms.

EngMap© provides system modeling for Construction Work Plans, Long Range Studies, System Protection Plans, Substation Feasibility Studies and Large Power Load Planning:

• Custom GIS information is stored in the drawing.
• Displayed information is fully customizable.
• Calculations are performed on system models.
• Reports include:
➤ Steady State voltage drop using RUS methods
➤ Steady State looped power flow analysis and losses
➤ Motor-starting voltage analysis
➤ Short circuit currents
➤ Outage management
➤ Customer reports
➤ Distributed generation modeling
• Automatically traces circuit and assigns load to line sections
• Easily interfaced with GPS hand held devices.


EPE deploys the following state-of the art software for its engineering calculations:
• PSS™/E of PTI©
• PowerWorld©
➤ Transmission Steady State, Short Circuit, and Transient Stability Analyses
• ArcPro©
➤ Arc Flash hazard analysis and PPE recommendations
• Etap®
➤ Collection system design calculations, harmonic analysis and protection coordination
• ASPEN OneLiner™
➤ Short circuit analysis
➤ Collection system modeling
• WindPRO® and WAsP©
➤ Wind Data processing, annual energy production, and capacity factor evaluation
• WindMil©
➤ Distribution system voltage, short circuit, and thermal loading analysis