Sam Maleki, PhD, a Principal Power System Specialist at EPE, will present on Induced Voltage Study on a Traction System and Mitigation methods at the 2022 CIGRE Canada Conference & Expo from Oct. 31 to Nov. 3, 2022 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. You can join Sam at the conference by registering here:

Summary: The close proximity of a traction rail system to a transmission and distribution networks may impose the risk of high induced voltage on the rails. In this paper, the detailed Electro Magnet Transient (EMT) studies have been performed to investigate the maximum induced voltage on the rails during the normal and contingency operation of power systems. It is determined that few publications are available to determine the possible risk of induced voltage on a traction system. Hence, to provide developers with an initial estimation of induced voltage risk, several scenarios including various configurations, distances, parallel section length, transformer grounding, system short circuit levels, etc. were considered.  In addition, several induced voltage mitigation methods were proposed, and the effectiveness of each method were evaluated through the EMT studies.

Figure 1.  Electro Magnetic Transient (EMT) based simulation requirements of paralleled line-traction rail sections

Figure 2. Induced voltage on the traction system due to a Single Phase to Ground (SLG) Fault on the AC network

Figure 3. The induced voltage effect variation with respect to the short circuit MVA rating and the traction rail distance from the AC network

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