The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)’s Central American and Panama Convention (CONCAPAN) is a meeting point for professionals and executives involved in the fields of power, telecommunications, computing and other specialties of electrical and electronic engineering. The conference provides an opportunity for unique learning experiences and communication with other experts, professionals, researchers and students in the fields of power, communications, and computing.

The EPE team will attend the conference November 9-11 and will present a paper titled “Generation Re-dispatch and Deliverability Analysis using Power Transfer Distribution Factors” on Friday, November 11 in the Berlin 1 Room at 10:30 AM (during the 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM session). The paper explains the automation process of a deliverability study performed using a 2000-bus synthetic grid on the footprint of Texas. The project algorithm aims to streamline the study process using PowerGEM’s TARA and Python and will simplify the re-dispatch process of available generation during a large-scale N-1 simulation.

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