Battery Energy Storage Systems


BESS Studies and Analysis

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) play a pivotal role in the emergence of renewable energy and addressing electricity demands. BESS is beneficial to both renewable developers seeking interconnection, as well as utilities seeking grid reliability and stability for their customers. With the growth of renewable energy, the proliferation of distributed resources, and the evolving T&D grid, the need for resiliency, reliability, and effective management and operation is more important than ever.

BESS help address these concerns by enabling energy producers to store and release energy, providing a continuous flow of clean energy during periods of high demand, or when wind and solar energy is temporarily unavailable. These systems can also be placed anywhere in a facility with no immediate environmental or air quality impacts, making them valuable tools for meeting sustainability goals.

It is crucial for success to have a high-quality and fast-paced team you can trust to support the technical and other requirements of battery energy storage support. EPE has in-house experience providing development and interconnection support, owner’s engineer, and detailed design for standalone and AC/DC-coupled solar plus storage projects. Our expertise in battery energy storage support offers a unique blend of talents that can help you through the development of battery energy storage projects.


We tailor our services to ensure your project’s success, and we consider ourselves an extension of your team.

BESS Technical and Engineering Support

  • Project Development
    • Regional area of interest prospecting
    • Injection/capacity studies
    • Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP) Forecast
    • Production Cost Modeling (PCM)
    • BESS feasibility study to determine optimal size and duration
    • Preliminary design of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)
  • Interconnection Support
    • Prospect storage mitigation for reliability applications
    • File interconnection applications
    • Perform and review interconnection-related studies
    • Carry out plant modeling (PSSE, PSCAD, PSLF, ASPEN, ETAP, etc.)
    • Review and support negotiation of interconnection agreements
    • Interpret market rules
  • Owner’s Engineering
    • Equipment selection
    • Engineering review support
    • Project management
    • Construction support
  • Project Detailed Design
    • Serve as Engineer of Record (EOR)
    • Produce detailed design and studies (from 30% design to IFC)

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BESS Expertise

As a full-service project execution firm that offers a wide range of services and expertise, EPE is uniquely qualified to deliver comprehensive battery storage solutions. We have consulted with some of the largest and most reputable owners in the industry, providing end-to-end capabilities for the seamless integration of battery energy storage solutions.

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