Electric Vehicle Studies


Preparing the Grid for
Electric Vehicles


As the United States and countries throughout the world invest in electric vehicles (EVs), updates and upgrades are needed to the transmission and distribution infrastructure supported by investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities, and electric cooperatives. EV adoption will not only result in changes to consumer-level energy demand, but also commercial use with EV fleet vehicles and charging stations. With varying battery chargers requiring power ratings as low as 15 kilowatts (kW) and in some cases up to 1 megawatt (MW) for fast charging applications, service providers will have to adjust electric demand forecast to minimize grid impact.  

Investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities, and electric cooperatives can prepare for and support the transition to transportation electrification with planning studies, and can support consumer and business adoption through their service offerings. Electric Power Engineers has extensive experience supporting our clients studying the impact of electric vehicles on the utility infrastructure.   



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Engineering Services for EV Studies and Planning

  • Electric Vehicle Adoption Forecast
  • Electric Vehicle Load Profile Forecast
  • Electric Vehicle Energy and Demand Load Forecast
  • Electric Vehicle Impact Studies and Scenario Planning
  • Electric Vehicle Controlled Charging Algorithms
  • Customer Fleet Electrification Business Modeling

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