Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death among women worldwide. Every October, major breast cancer charities and companies organize Breast Cancer Awareness Month to support the ongoing fight against this disease. The annual campaign is intended to increase public awareness of breast cancer, reduce stigma surrounding the disease, support breast cancer survivors and family members, and raise funds for medical research.

“Electric Power Engineers is passionate about our employees’ overall well-being and to support this, we encourage employees to get their preventive healthcare checkups for early detection,” said Hala Ballouz, President & CEO of Electric Power Engineers.  “Through these donations, we are proud to support breast cancer foundations in their mission to provide cancer research, education, screening and resources to our local communities.”

To share awareness and support breast cancer survivors, colleagues at Electric Power Engineers donned pink clothing during the month of October. EPE’s Austin and Illinois offices made donations to both national and local breast cancer foundations to support survivors and research.

To find more information about breast cancer symptoms and preventive care, visit the CDC’s breast cancer information page.