EPE Vice President of Technical Services and Compliance, Billy Yancey, shared this update about ERCOT Dynamic Model Requirements:

As a reminder, ERCOT Dynamic Model Requirements (PGRR075 and PGRR085) include a parameter verification report and Model Quality Test for generators that includes an updated PSS/E, TSAT and PSCAD model that reflect as-built design and control settings and must be submitted as follows:

Within 30 days of Part III approval (Commercial Operations Date) or any change in settings
Within 12 – 24 months of Part III approval (for new resources)
Within 12 – 24 months of 3/1/21 (for existing resources)
A minimum of every 10 years

If your organization has generation resources that fit within these timelines, please contact our team for modeling support or to request an extension to ensure you’re compliant with these model requirements.

If you need interconnection modeling support to comply with #ERCOT requirements, contact your account manager or schedule a consult.