Any resource planning to go online in ERCOT is required to register as an ERCOT Resource Entity once it has met the requirements of Planning Guide Section 6.9 – Addition of Proposed Generation to the Planning Models. Earlier this year, ERCOT retired the Resource Asset Registration Forms (RARF) that were previously used for this purpose and released a new version of the online Resource Integration and Ongoing Operations – Interconnection Services (RIOO – IS).

As part of this process, Resource Entities will need to secure a Production Load Date (PLD) by submitting their Full Registration data online on ERCOT’s RIOO-IS platform and having it approved by ERCOT 120 days before the desired energization date of the Resource.

Due to the complexity of this process, EPE recommends kicking it off at least 6 months before the desired energization date of the Resource in order to avoid any delays in the project’s schedule. EPE has extensive experience working with ERCOT and supporting Resource Entities with securing the desired PLDs of their Resources. For any support with projects planning to energize in late 2023 or early 2024, please contact us.