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FERC Order No. 2023

Time is Ticking on FERC Order No. 2023 Compliance

FERC Order No. 2023’s compliance deadline is looming. Are you prepared to navigate the complexities of grid interconnection process changes and queue studies?  

Electric Power Engineers has one of the largest team of interconnection engineers—in fact, we complete over 50 interconnection studies each week. Our skilled in transmission planning and operations team is ready to support you with setting up new processes and executing the studies needed to meet the requirements of the order. And our technical experts can help your utility to comply with regulatory requirements as well as optimize strategies to enhance grid reliability and resilience.  

Some services we offer:

EPE can help you take on your interconnection queue challenges and become your trusted partner in transmission planning.



Summary of ferc order no. 20232 outlining changes in cluster study process, financial readiness requirements, public information access, penalty reforms, project speed up, and technology integration for energy projects.
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We are ready to guide you through this transition with technical experts well-versed in a holistic approach to the grid. From the new cluster study process to optimizing grid capacity to heat map development, let us help you transform challenges into opportunities.