EPE’s NERC CIP Program Manager, Darrel Grumman, shared this update on anticipated IBR Standards:

Inverter-Based Resources (IBRs) owners, get ready: while you might have previously remained out of NERC’s purview by keeping projects below the 75MVA threshold, that may be coming to an end soon. FERC recently released a draft order addressing plans to either expand existing standards or create new standards specifically for IBRs. The population of IBR owners is expansive and would include “solar photovoltaic, wind, fuel cell and battery storage resources that use power electronic devices to change direct current power, produced by generators, to alternating current power, to be transmitted on the bulk-power system.”In order to protect the reliability of the bulk power system, the draft order directs NERC to do three things:

  1. Complete modifications to NERC’s registration processes (no later than 12 months after Commission approval of the work plan).
  2. Identify all owners and operators of BPS-connected IBRs that, in the aggregate, affect the reliable operation of the Bulk-Power System (no later than 24 months after Commission approval of the work plan).
  3. Register owners and operators of Bulk-Power System-connected IBRs that, when aggregated, would have a “material impact” on the reliable operation of the BPS (no later than 36 months after Commission approval of the work plan). The draft order recognizes that smaller BPS-connected IBRs may not always present the same reliability impact as generation that has historically been registered.

The draft order acknowledges that NERC may determine that the full set of Reliability Standard Requirements that are applicable to GOs and GOPs would not necessarily be required for all newly registered BPS-connected IBR GOs or GOPs. Many details regarding applicability and enforcement timing have yet to be determined. More information will be released once Standard Drafting Committees (SDTs) are assembled with industry personnel to guide the conversation and determine the ultimate direction of the “to-be” standards and requirements.

EPE remains on the cutting edge of all IBR activities within the electric industry and across the ERO from grid modernization, modeling and planning, to preparing for energization with state and federal regulatory standards and requirements. Read NERC’s recently filed work plan for more information on the new FERC draft order. To discuss challenges related to the planned changes and see how EPE is leading the charge, contact us to schedule a consult.