EPE President and CEO, Hala Ballouz, is speaking at GridWise Alliance’s gridCONNEXT® 2023.

The signature event of the GridWise Alliance, gridCONNEXT assembles a cross-section of leaders and strategists from business, utilities, and government. During the two-day conference, keynote speakers, panelists and showcase exhibitors explore critical policy issues enabling the transition to a low-carbon economy and spotlight grid innovations supporting the transition.

Hala’s speaking session is titled “Enabling Residential Customer Participation Under FERC Order 2222” and takes place at 3:00 PM on Tuesday, December 5th. This session will focus on the role that next-generation electric meters will have in evolving from a device control model toward a more integrated and automated set of solutions. Hala and the other panelists will discuss the unique needs of the residential market including simplification of the connection process and the tools needed to build ongoing trust and engagement. The session will also feature an overview of a paper published by the GridWise Alliance on the technology investments needed to integrate DERs to the wholesale markets.

You can join Hala in D.C. by registering for the conference.