Hosting Capacity Analysis

FERC Order No. 2023 Compliance

Hosting Capacity and Heat Mapping Services

Are you ready to implement a heat map and provide regular updates upon completion of each cluster study? FERC Order No. 2023 introduces a significant reform in generation interconnection procedures and agreements to reduce queue backlogs, enhanced grid reliability, and support advanced technology integration. Electric Power Engineers offers a suite of services to streamline utility compliance. Our technical experts in interconnection studies coupled with advanced GIS mapping capabilities can help you to optimize grid integration under these regulations.  

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Hosting Capacity Services

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Our Approach

Utilizing our proprietary software, InSights, we can develop custom hosting capacity analysis and heat mappings for your service region. Developed to provide visibility into hosting capacity through detailed grid analytics and predictive modeling, InSights ensures utilities comply with FERC Order No. 2023 while facilitating effective grid integration of new projects. 

  • Hosting Capacity Analysis
  • Heat Mapping
  • GIS Mapping for Generation Interconnection Studies
  • Thermal Constraints Analysis
  • Ongoing Data Updates and Maintenance

Electric Power Engineers combines technical interconnection expertise and software to support your organization with hosting capacity analysis and studies and heat map development, as well as a commitment to client support to meet the challenges of FERC Order No. 2023. We not only help to ensure your utility’s compliance, but also empower utilities to make data-driven decisions to optimize their grid for the future.

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