High Voltage transmission lines induce voltage on any nearby metallic objects. This induced voltage is a serious concern in railway systems that have nearby high voltage transmission lines that could cause harm to workers or the public, damage equipment, interfere with measurement and control units, and increase maintenance cost.

In a paper published at the 2022 CIGRE Canada Conference & Expo, engineers from EPE presented the results of an induced voltage study for a rail traction system in the vicinity of a transmission line. To perform an induced voltage study, Electro Magnetic Transient (EMT) software is required. The aim of the study was to present the result of the study in a general matter to indicate if there was a concern for induced voltage study without using EMT software.

The results showed that the most effective approaches to ensure the safety of the operations of such a system are either proper design of the Neutral Grounding Resistor (NGR) for the transformer or proper grounding of the traction rails along the parallel path with the high-voltage transmission line.

Visit CIGRE Canada’s website to read the full study.