EPE Engineering Manager of System Studies, Mehrdad Rostami, PhD, PEng, is a member of the Railway Electrification Technical Committee (C509) at the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group).

The mission of the CSA Group’s Standards Development organization is to enhance the lives of Canadians through the advancement of standards in the public and private sectors.  The CSA Group is responsible for creating and maintaining standards in areas such as electrical safety, construction, energy efficiency, environmental management, and more. They collaborate with industry experts, government representatives, and other stakeholders to develop consensus-based standards that promote safety, efficiency, and sustainability. The technical and management standards developed with the CSA Group improve safety, health, the environment, and economic efficiency in Canada and beyond.

The Railway Electrification Technical Committee (C509) was formed by the CSA in June 2018 to modify the old and withdrawn CAN/CSA-C22.3 No.8-M91 (R2003) Railway Electrification Guidelines. This committee focuses on the new requirements and technologies to develop guidelines to regulate the electrification of the rail transit system in the current and next decade. Mehrdad was invited as a technical committee member to develop these standards and later selected as one of the five chapter leads of this standard. The chapter he leads focuses on the system studies requirements for transportation electrification.

The draft issue of C509 is expected to be ready in October 2023 and the final version of the standard is expected to be effective in 2024.

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