Electric Power Engineers’ vice president of Energy Resources Integration and Interconnection, Kalyan Chilukuri, shared this update:

PJM generation interconnection process is going through an overhaul with the final vote (MRC) being held in April. I am optimistic that these changes will help streamline the process and ultimately expediate the #energytransition.

I highly recommend staying closely plugged in to the Interconnection Process Reform Task Force to ensure you stay appraised of the upcoming changes. If you are unable, then do reach out to me, my team (Aoxia (Kevin) Chen, Ph.D., MBA, P.E. and Horea Catanase) would be more than happy to walk you through the changes and how these may impact your projects.

If your projects are in the AD2 queue and are receiving results that you need help deciphering, please reach out to us for assistance.
Based on the current proposal, if your projects are in the AE1 cycle or later, they will be exposed to the transition study process. If you need guidance on how the cost allocation process may change, need to evaluate the viability of the project, or understand associated risks, my team is well informed and ready to support you.

End of March, the AH2 cycle will likely be ending. If you are still evaluating site options and haven’t considered grid/system impacts, we can help you with injection capacity studies, generation deliverability studies and energy market analysis.

Do you need engineering support for your interconnection application? Our team is available to support you. Reach out to your account manager or schedule a consult to ensure that you can get any needed studies and analysis ahead of application closures and avoid project delays.