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InterconnectioN | Solar

SolaireHolman 1 Owner’s Engineer

SolaireHolman 1 project is rated at 50 MW net output and consists of twenty-six (26) KACO blueplanet 2200 TL3 skid-mounted power stations. The Point of Interconnection is AEP’s 69 kV Bronco substation. EPE led this project from the planning phase to the design / engineering / procurement phase, all the way to getting the project shovel ready and acted as owner’s engineer throughout the construction phase. The project energized in March 2017 and began commercial operation in April 2017.

Utilities | Generation

AES SL Generation Grid Integration Regional Plan

AES Southland’s Alamitos, Huntington Beach and Redondo Beach projects are natural gas power plants that were built between the late 1950s and 1967 in Western Los Angeles (LA) Basin – California, USA. These generating plants were providing a reliable source of electricity to local residents and the region for more than 50 years; Alamitos generates 1,956 MW of electricity whereas Huntington Beach and Redondo Beach generate 450 MW and 1,310 MW respectively.

interconnection | Wind

Rock Creek Wind TRV RRV

Located in Missouri, the Rock Creek Wind project consists of 150 Vestas V110 turbines, each rated at 2,000kW for a total wind project size of 300MW. The project Point of Interconnection is a new station on the TMO Nebraska City – Mullin Creek – Sibley 345kV transmission circuit.

Regulatory compliance | wind

NERC Compliance PRC

Located in multiple counties, this wind project consists of 94 wind turbines, each rated at 1,600 kW for a total wind project size of 150.4 MW. The project’s point of Interconnection (POI) is a 138 kV substation. The results of EPE’s transient stability analysis revealed that all the wind turbines utilized by the project will remain online for the time specified by NERC to meet the LVRT/HVRT and LFRT/HFRT requirements; thus, the project is found to be in compliance without any necessary re-enforcements.

Substation | distribution

System Protection & Coordination

In this study short circuit currents were calculated, fuses and reclosers were sized and located for a system comprising 14 substations, and over 1,700 miles of distribution line. The system protection plan laid out over 300 reclosers and 400 fuses.

grid modernization | Distribution

Power System Planning

This study was prepared in accordance with the Rural Electrification Administration guidelines. The 5 year Work Plan recommended system improvement investment that amounted to $12,361,619 over a period of four years; this investment was necessary in order to continue providing adequate electric service to its customers. The investment was in the form of line/substation upgrades and new construction. The distribution system of the study served 13,246 customers from 22 substations and metering points, and over 2,300 miles of distribution line, with a total peak demand of approximately 79 Megawatts.

distribution | substation

Distribution Sectionalizing

The Rockett Substation is one of 31 substations operated by Navarro County Electric Cooperative. Located in the northwest region of NCEC’s service area, the four feeders emanating from Rockett Substation serve a dense residential area.

testing & Commissioning | wind

Horse Creek Wind Project IT&C

Located in Haskell, Texas, the Horse Creek Wind project’s nameplate capacity is 230 MW. Interconnection point: American Electric Power (AEP)’s 345 KV Smoky Hill Substation. The proposed 230 MW project consisted of one hundred (100) GE 2.3-116 wind turbines, each having an 80-meter hub above ground level and 116-meter rotor diameter. Each wind turbine is rated at 2.3 MW and connected to one (1) 2600 kVA, 3-phase, 2-winding turbine’s step up (ISU) transformer.

generation | wind

Cassadaga Wind Dispatch Forecasting

EverPower Wind Holdings, Inc. (EverPower)’s Cassadaga Wind project is a proposed 126 MW wind farm located in the towns of Arkwright, Charlotte, and Cherry Creek in Chautauqua County, New York. The project is planned to come online by late 2018. The Cassadaga project was subject to the New York State Article 10 Siting Process. Electric Power Engineers, Inc. (EPE) assisted EverPower in providing all the information required in the 1001.8 Exhibit 8 of Article 10 as part of the Article 10 Application.

energy market analysis

Security Constrained Economic Dispatch

High Road Clean Energy LLC (High Road) requested Electric Power Engineers, Inc. (EPE) to complete a Security Constrained Economic Dispatch (SCED) analysis focusing on evaluating transmission congestion and curtailment for the Mariah del Norte wind project (Mariah) which is an existing 230 MW Wind project interconnected to the 345 kV Windmill Substation in the Panhandle of Texas. The analysis simulated 8760 Locational Marginal Pricing (LMP) calculations for the remainder of the 2017 study year (May – December 2017) under the current Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) nodal market.

interconnection | wind

Fatal Flaw Due Diligence

EPE performed a due diligence analysis and evaluated several wind projects under development in the SPP footprint. The due diligence consisted of the review of the interconnection plans, studies, and markets for each project under study in order to identify any fatal flaws in the grid interconnection process and/or transmission grid export capability and associated market delivery costs.

interconnection | wind

Distribution Upgrade

Evaluation of distribution grid interconnection and recommendations for upgrades to allow successful interconnection of the Texas State Technical College 2 MW wind turbine to the grid. Electric Power Engineers, Inc. provided engineering solutions to strengthen otherwise a weak distribution grid network at the point of interconnection.

Design & analysis | Wind

Buffalo Gap Phase I-III 524MW Wind Project

The 524MW project owned by AES Corp. has 3 phases. Electric Power Engineers, Inc. continues to provide technical and operational support to AES across their portfolio of renewables.

Export analysis | wind

Randado & Oilton 80 & 84 MW Wind Projects

Forty-seven (47) wind turbine generators were planned for the Oilton site while 40 wind turbine generators were planned at the Randado site. In addition to the turbines, each wind farm site included underground electrical collection systems, substations, private access roadways, and crane pads.


South Clay/Shannon 200 MW Wind Farm

This project involved a 200 MW wind farm in Austin Texas, using 111 Vestas V100 turbines. EPE was the Owner’s Engineer on all phases of development. The project commenced commercial operation in December of 2015 and provides renewable energy to more than 61,000 households.


105 MW Wind Project in Kansas

Electric Power Engineers led to the success of interconnection and PPA acquisition of the 105 MW Shooting Star wind project. EPE completed transmission analysis, and led curtailment and congestion analysis reports on which a successful Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) was reached for this project.


Integrating Renewable Energy in Jordan

It is projected by the Jordan Ministry of Energy that the primary energy growth demand from 2008 to 2020 is expected to be 5.5%. The country currently imports nearly 97% of its energy needs namely through oil and gas. The expected amount of energy results in 15 million tons of oil equivalent to be needed by 2020. Additionally, the existing electricity costs in Jordan range from $0.22 to $0.42 per kWh for residential to commercial consumers. In 2007 the Ministry issued a National Energy Strategy that targets 7% of electricity production from renewables by 2015 and 10% by 2020.


First Large Scale PV Project in Texas

EPE acted as owner’s engineer on all transmission and design issues for interconnection of FRV’s (SunEdison’s) 30 MW solar project, the first large-scale solar Photovoltaic Project initiated in the United States, and the largest in commercial operation in Texas.

Interconnection | Wind

Horse Creek Wind SSO

Located in Haskell County, the Horse Creek Wind project consists of one hundred (100) GE 2.3-116 wind turbines, each rated at 2,300 kW for a total wind project size of 230 MW. The project Point of Interconnection (POI) is the 345 kV Smoky Hill Substation.

Interconnection | Wind

240 MW Photovoltaic Project

Located in Utah, the Photovoltaic (PV) project comprised Phase I, II, and II, each rated at 80 MW. The proposed site of interconnection for the project was a new 345 KV substation designed to tap into the 345 KV Red Butte-Sigurd transmission line owned by PacificCorp. Overall, the proposed 240 MW project consisted of one hundred forty-four (144) skid-mounted power stations, each including one (1) 1667 kW TMEIC PVLL1833GRQ solar inverter and one (1) 1850 kVA, 3-phase, 2- winding inverters’ step up (ISU) transformer.

Analysis | Distribution

Distribution Plans & Long Range Studies

Distribution Work Plans and Long Range studies are interrelated and include the following: system modeling to recommend system improvements, writing and coordinating the Borrower’s Environmental Report, furnishing Financial Forecast data – done by MarketSight, an internally engineered tool (available to our clients) and securing RUS approvals (when applicable).

System Design | Distribution

System Protection & Coordination

System Protection & Coordination plans include calculating short circuit currents, sizing and locating fuses and reclosers, preparing three-phase recloser settings, securing RUS approves (when applicable). These studies are performed on a regular basis for our clients.

Analysis | Renewable Energy

Integration of Renewable
Energy In Jamaica

With the increased penetration of renewables, up to 30%, system reliability issues may become more apparent due to the variability of the resources. EPE performed detailed studies to determine mitigation options, evaluate energy storage, and determine net effect of operation for the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCO).


Corazon Solar Project 200 MW

Corazon Energy needed to update the latest full interconnection study (FIS) Resource Asset Registration Forms (RARF) submitted to ERCOT. EPE helped them to navigate RARF as a part of our interconnection, testing, and commissioning support.

Utilities | Distribution

Maine Utilities Distribution Investigation and Roadmap

Electric Power Engineers investigated Maine’s electric distribution system to identify changes necessary for accommodating DER and potential load increase due to climate change policies. EPE focused on five key areas to support renewables and electrification and developed a comprehensive roadmap for each utility based on stakeholder feedback and identified gaps.

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