Large Load Interconnections

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Large Load Interconnections in ERCOT

Large load interconnections in the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) have been on the rise since 2021. These new players in the ERCOT market are most commonly: data centers, crypto mining facilities, and hydrogen production facilities (aka electrolyzers). Texas has attracted these large loads due to the abundance of affordable, clean energy and a business climate that is encouraging to developers. These large loads are proving to be highly beneficial to generator developers who are experiencing curtailment during extended periods throughout the year. The growth in new load interconnections in ERCOT is expected to be several gigwatts (GW) within the next year. In order to accommodate this substantial increase in system load, prudent planning must take place from all stakeholders to ensure that the transmission system continues to operate in a realible and resilient manner.

The Large Flexible Load Task Force (LFLTF) was established by ERCOT to develop policy recommendations relating to the integration of large flexible loads into the ERCOT System. EPE has been following this task force closely and is working diligently with developers to make sure that their proposed project flows smoothly through the interconnection process with ERCOT/TSP.

It is crucial for success to have a high-quality and fast-paced team you can trust to support the technical and other requirements of battery energy storage support. EPE has in-house expertise in providing development and interconnection support, as well as taking on the responsibility of owner’s engineer for a large load project.


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Large Load Interconnections Technical and Engineering Support

  • Project Development
    • Regional area of interest prospecting
    • Injection/capacity studies
    • Area-wide transmission screening
  • Interconnection Support
    • Submit of load interconnection applications
    • Update Resource Asset Registration Form (RARF)
    • Carry out plant modeling (PSSE, PSCAD, PSLF, ASPEN, ETAP, etc.)
    • Review and support negotiation of interconnection agreements
    • Perform system studies, such as SSO screening and frequency scans, harmonic analyses, reactive power studies, and ferroresonance studies
    • Provide periodic updates related to the large load interconnection process in ERCOT.
  • Owner’s Engineer
    • Preliminary design of the facility
    • Project management

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Large Load Interconnections Expertise

As a full-service project execution firm that offers a wide range of services and expertise, EPE is uniquely qualified to deliver comprehensive large load interconnections solutions. We have consulted with some of the largest and most reputable owners in the industry, providing end-to-end capabilities for the seamless integration of large load interconnections solutions.

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