NUCAST Webinar


Understanding Cost Exposure Risk in the Interconnection Process

Webinar Recap

On July 16th, 2024, we hosted an insightful webinar to introduce EPE’s NUCAST (Network Upgrade Cost Allocation Sensitivity Tool). This event provided a detailed look into this innovative tool designed to assist EPE clients in navigating the complexities of the interconnection queue process.


What is NUCAST?

NUCAST is a cutting-edge software solution aimed at empowering our clients by addressing the “what if?” questions related to cost allocations during crucial decision points. With NUCAST, clients can make informed decisions backed by data-driven insights, helping them assess risks, explore resizing opportunities, and understand future cost expectations for their projects.


Key Highlights

  • Understanding Cost Implications: Attendees learned how NUCAST can help them understand their cost implications during upcoming decision windows, particularly for projects in the interconnection queue.
  • SPP DISIS 2021 Decision Point: The importance of the upcoming SPP DISIS 2021 Decision Point window was emphasized, underscoring the need for precise cost allocation insights.
  • Expert Insights: Horea Catanase, Director of Interconnection Services, and Chase Lansdale, Director of Software Solutions, led the session, sharing their expertise and demonstrating how NUCAST can streamline the interconnection queue process.


Watch the Webinar Recording

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Our solutions are meticulously crafted to address your project’s specific needs.

Network Upgrade Cost Allocation Sensitivity Tool

  • Multi-Scenario Cost Allocation Analysis
    • NUCAST evaluates how interconnection queue cluster costs might be allocated under various project withdrawal and downsizing scenarios.
    • This helps developers understand the potential financial impact of different decisions.
  • Rapid “What-If” Analysis
    • The tool can examine tens of thousands of cost allocation possibilities in just a few hours.
    • This allows developers to quickly explore a wide range of potential outcomes during critical decision points.
  • Data-Driven Decision Support
    • NUCAST provides developers with crucial, data-backed insights into the risks and potential rewards of staying in a specific interconnection queue cycle.
    • This information empowers them to make informed choices based on real-world data.

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