Offshore Wind


Offshore Wind

Installation of offshore wind continues to grow as countries across the globe seek clean energy solutions. With that growth, developers and investors are seeking project consultants and engineers to support them in their complex needs and planning. Regardless of where your wind project is located, Electric Power Engineers has the skills and expertise to help you effectively address challenges and meet your project goals.

Having a team that you can trust to support the technical and other requirements of offshore wind development with a high level of quality on a fast-paced schedule is crucial for success. EPE has in-house experience providing development and interconnection support, owner’s engineer, and detailed design of offshore wind projects. Further, EPE can perform planning and studies to help large-scale offshore wind projects integrate into the local grid. Our expertise in the renewable energy sector offers a unique blend of talents that can help you through the development of offshore wind.

Our expertise is extensive in all regions and ISO/RTO markets including ERCOT, SPP, WECC, MISO, CAISO, PJM, ISO-NE, NYISO and Southeast. At EPE, there are no geographical limitations to where our services extend. Our worldwide experience allows us to bring solutions from around the globe to your project. In the offshore wind space, EPE has partnered with several offshore wind developers to deliver projects across the United States both pre- and post- lease auction.


We tailor our services to ensure your project’s success, and we consider ourselves an extension of your team.


  • Transmission System Mapping
  • State-Wide or Area-Wide Transmission Screening Analysis
  • Qualitative POI screening based on expert knowledge of the footprint
  • ISO/RTO/Utility shadow studies
  • Review of ISO/RTO/Utility interconnection processes and identifying potential red flags for project development
  • Estimating network upgrades
  • Full Transmission Analysis
  • LMP Forecasting Analysis:
    • Historical LMP/Congestion Review
    • State/Area Wide LMP Forecasting Analysis
    • Heat Maps – LMPs
    • Project Specific LMP Forecasting with Curtailment Insights + Ancillary Services


  • Project Development
  • Interconnection Support
    • Preparing Interconnection Packages
    • General Interconnection Support with ISOs, RTOs, Utilities including:
      • Attending ISO/RTO/Utility calls and meetings
      • Reviewing and providing comments on studies
      • Pushing back on study results and providing alternatives
      • Answering any interconnection related questions
    • Complete Modelling Services:
      • PSSE Model Development
      • PSSE Dynamic Model Tuning & Testing
      • PSCAD Model Development & SSR Support
      • PSCAD Model Tuning
      • TSAT Model Development
      • PSCAD/PSSE/TSAT Benchmarking Study
      • PSLF Model Development
      • Aspen Model Development
      • PPC Model Development and Tuning ( in all software listed above)
    • System Design Studies:
      • Reactive Power Compensation Study
      • Capacitor Bank Size Optimization
      • Capacitor Bank Step Sizing
      • Insulation Coordination Study
      • Lightning, TOV and TRV
      • Flicker Study and Harmonics Analysis
      • Effectively Grounded Analysis
      • Cable Thermal Ampacity Analysis
      • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
      • Short Circuit Study
      • Protection Relay Coordination Study
  • Owner’s Engineer
    • Equipment Selection
    • Engineering review support
    • Project management
    • Construction support
  • Project Detailed Design
    • Serve as Engineer of Record
    • Produce detailed and studies (from 30% design to IFC)

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Offshore Wind Expertise

As a full-service project execution firm that offers a wide range of services and expertise, Electric Power Engineers is uniquely qualified to deliver comprehensive offshore wind development consulting and engineering solutions. We have consulted with some of the largest and most reputable owners and developers in the industry, from concept to commissioning to compliance.

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