NERC CIP Compliance Program


NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection Program Management & Gap Analysis

Managing your NERC Compliance Program is a challenging and ongoing process that includes many moving parts even for the most basic Registered Entity. Failing an audit or having to self-report non-compliance can be arduous, confusing, and even expensive in the way of fines or program modification or both. But it does not have to be this way—no matter if you operate dozens of generation assets or hundreds of miles of transmission lines, navigating NERC CIP Compliance can be a straightforward and manageable process.

We here at EPE have put together a few quick tips that you can review right now to get a better understanding of where your NERC CIP Compliance program is and where there could be some potential gaps or areas for improvement.

    • Do you have your critical assets documented?
    • Do you have internal controls and security protocols documented?
    • Would you consider your security infrastructure to be strong?
    • Do your site personnel know how to assess impact ratings of events?
    • Does your program provide frequent and applicable training on CIP requirements?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, Electric Power Engineers can help. Knowing you could have program gaps is a valuable tool on its own; you can’t fix something you’re not aware of. Our team of industry professionals are experts in identifying common-sense solutions that will provide you with comprehensive support.

If you answered yes to all the questions above, you likely have a solid foundation for your program. And as many know in cyber security, feeling safe and secure can be our biggest challenge. EPE has the ability to provide comprehensive gap analysis, giving your program that critical third-party, unbiased program review.

No matter your program’s size or complexity, our team is experienced in supporting organizations to develop procedures and policies not only to be compliant by to prove compliance. Our team can help identify, organize and draft necessary evidence and audit materials to strengthen your compliance health. Speak to your account manager or contact us to schedule a consult to discuss NERC CIP Compliance.

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NERC Compliance Program

As a full-service project execution firm that offers a wide range of services and expertise, EPE is uniquely qualified to deliver comprehensive NERC CIP program and gap analysis. We have consulted with some of the largest and most reputable generation owners and utilities to support their NERC & regulatory compliance programs. 

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