NERC Operations & Planning (O&P)

Are you new to NERC? Or maybe you have been a NERC registered entity for some time? New or existing, you have come to the right place! Let the EPE compliance team help you meet your NERC compliance obligations. We offer services to help your organization with NERC O&P program development and management, gap analysis, audit support, and much more.  

NERC O&P Program Development

Tier 1
  • 30-45 min NERC Overview  
  • Identify Applicable Standards 
  • Identify, collect and review evidence  
  • Draft Policies 
  • Draft RSAWs 
  • NERC Registration and Certification Support 
  • Weekly status calls  
  • Document Repository  
Tier 2
  • Tier 1+
  • NERC Compliance Procedure Development   
    • EOP-004 – Event Reporting Operating Plan  
    • EOP-011 – Emergency Operation Plan  
    • FAC-003 – Vegetation Management Plan 
    • PRC-002 – Disturbance Monitoring Process  
    • PRC-004 – Protection System Mis-Operation Identification and Correction Process 
  • PRC-005 – Protection System Maintenance Plan 
  • PRC-019 Verification of generating unit or plant capabilities, voltage regulating controls and protections process 
  • PRC-024Frequency and voltage protection settings for Generation  
  • Resources process 
  • PRC-025List of applicable Relays from Table 1 
  • PRC-026 – Setting and evaluation of load-responsive protection relays during stable power swings process 
  • PRC-027Process for developing new and revised protection system settings 
Tier 3
  • Tier 1, 2+
  • NERC Technical Studies
    • Modeling, Data, and Analysis (MOD) MOD-025-2, MOD-026-1, MOD-027-1, MOD-032-1
    • Protection and Control (PRC) PRC-019-2, PRC-024-2, PRC-025-2, PRC-026-1
    • Transmission Planning TPL-001-4, TPL-007-1
    • Voltage and Reactive Power Capabilities (VAR)

NERC O&P Program Development

  • Annual review of evidence, policy, procedure and RSAW
  • Periodic Data Submittals (PRC-004, EOP-004, Section 800, Section 1600 Reporting)
  • Regional Representation (Committee, working group, task force representation)

Gap Analysis

  • Document analysis of existing NERC programs
  • Identify opportunities for improvement, offer recommendations, where applicable

Audit Support

  • Mock Audits to prepare for upcoming audits 
  • Pre and post audit support  
  • Self-Certification and Spot Check support 

NERC & Regulatory Compliance Consultants

Ensuring Physical Security of Transmission Stations and Substations

The physical security of transmission stations and substations is crucial to ensure the reliability and resilience of the power grid. The North American Electric Reliability Corp. (NERC) has established critical infrastructure protection rules, or CIP, to secure physical infrastructure, including transmission substations. Recent attacks on substations highlight the need for utilities to implement security measures to prevent such incidents. The environment that utilities operate in is constantly changing, which increases the risk of disruptions in the supply of electricity. Learn why it’s vital for the industry stakeholders to continuously develop and implement strategies to improve security both physical and cyber. 

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