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All NERC-registered entities must comply with the applicable North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) reliability standards.  With the recent increase in the complexity of the Bulk Electric System (BES) and addition of new technologies, NERC has been proactively enforcing existing requirements, introducing new requirements, and adjusting the frequency of compliance reporting. By federal law, NERC has the authority to monitor and assess a company’s compliance status and issue sanctions and/or fines for non-compliance.

The EPE compliance team brings decades of experience in closely monitoring NERC activities and assisting clients with ensuring their assets meet NERC compliance regulations. Our NERC compliance services range from completing complex technical assessments and power system studies to tracking filing deadlines and preparing the documentation required of regulatory agencies. EPE’s compliance services span from developing and managing comprehensive compliance programs, and providing audit support. Our goal is to allow our clients to focus on their customers and growth while we focus on the technicalities of ensuring NERC compliance.


Compliance Program Development

EPE’s Compliance Program Development service is your pathway to establishing a robust and efficient compliance framework that ensures your organization’s adherence to critical industry standards. We understand the complexities of NERC and other regulatory requirements, and our expert team will work as an extension of your team, dedicated to crafting a comprehensive program tailored to meet your unique compliance needs regardless of your starting point of level of NERC knowledge.

  • Customized Compliance Solutions: Tailored programs aligned with your objectives.
  • Regulatory Expertise: Guiding you through complex compliance requirements.
  • Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment: Identifying vulnerabilities, enabling effective solutions.
  • Comprehensive Policy and Procedure Development: Cultivating a compliance-driven culture.
  • Training and Education: Empowering staff with knowledge and tools.
  • Monitoring and Auditing: Ensuring ongoing compliance and program effectiveness.
  • Regulatory Updates and Adaptation: Staying informed and adaptable for continuous compliance.

Our Compliance Program Development services are the key to fostering a culture of compliance within your organization, positioning you for long-term success in a heavily regulated environment.


      Internal Controls Review & Development


      EPE’s NERC and Regulatory Compliance Internal Controls Review and Development services are designed to empower your organization with a robust compliance framework, ensuring adherence to ever-evolving regulatory standards. We recognize the critical importance of compliance in today’s dynamic business environment and offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet your specific needs:

      • Gap Analysis: Our team conducts a thorough assessment of your existing internal controls and compliance practices, identifying areas that require improvement to meet NERC and regulatory requirements.
      • Tailored Compliance Roadmap: Based on the gap analysis, we develop a customized compliance roadmap, outlining actionable steps to strengthen your internal controls and streamline compliance processes.Internal Controls Development: We assist in designing and implementing effective internal controls, covering all relevant aspects of NERC and other regulatory standards applicable to your organization.
      • Training and Education: We provide targeted training sessions for your employees, enhancing their understanding of compliance best practices and fostering a culture of compliance throughout your organization.
      • Continuous Support: Our partnership doesn’t end with the initial review and development. We offer ongoing support, assisting you in addressing emerging compliance challenges and adapting your internal controls as needed.

      By choosing our NERC and Regulatory Compliance Internal Controls Review and Development services, you can rest assured that your organization is well-prepared to navigate the complexities of compliance while mitigating risks and maximizing operational efficiency.


      Managed Compliance Services

      Our Managed Compliance Services are designed to provide you with a seamless and proactive approach to maintaining compliance year-round. We understand that compliance requirements are dynamic and demand constant attention. With our expert team by your side, you can be confident that your organization remains in full adherence to NERC and applicable regulatory standards, allowing you to focus on your core operations.

      • Continuous Compliance Oversight: Monitor regulatory changes.
      • Annual Compliance Audits: Thorough yearly assessments.
      • Compliance Reporting: Streamlined submission of reports.
      • Incident Response and Remediation: Swift risk mitigation.
      • Training and Education Updates: Periodic staff training.
      • Risk Mitigation Strategies: Proactive risk management.
      • Communication with Regulatory Authorities: Liaison for compliance matters.

      Ensure a smooth and compliant operation throughout the year with our Managed Compliance Services. Let us be your trusted compliance partner, providing you with the necessary support to navigate the intricacies of compliance with ease and confidence.


          CIP Compliance Services

          Our NERC CIP Compliance Program Services are your definitive solution for achieving and maintaining robust compliance with the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards. Our team of industry experts understands the critical importance of safeguarding your organization’s critical assets and ensuring continuous adherence to the stringent NERC CIP requirements.

          • Unmatched Expertise: In-depth NERC CIP knowledge for top-tier compliance support.
          • Enhanced Security: Fortify critical infrastructure against threats and cyber-attacks.
          • Peace of Mind: Prepared for NERC CIP compliance, minimizing risks.
          • Streamlined Compliance: Save time and resources in navigating regulations.
          • Proactive Risk Mitigation: Prevent security incidents with vulnerability assessments.
          • Industry Recognition: Enhance reputation as a compliant industry leader.

          With our expert support, you can confidently navigate the evolving landscape of cybersecurity regulations and protect your infrastructure from potential threats, all while upholding the highest standards of compliance excellence.


              NERC Audit & Assessment Services

              EPE’s NERC Audit & Assessment Services offer comprehensive and reliable solutions to ensure your organization’s compliance with both O&P and CIP standards. Our team of industry professionals have decades of experience managing NERC compliance programs within Registered Entities. We understand the critical importance of being prepared for audit engagement and ensuring that programs documentation is organized for a smooth engagement.

              • Mock Audit Preparation: Ready for official audits.
              • Compliance Gap Analysis: Pinpointing non-compliance areas.
              • Regulatory Risk Assessment: Prioritize compliance efforts.
              • Expert NERC Compliance Guidance: Reliable advice and updates.
              • Reduced Audit Risks: Minimize non-compliance risk.
              • Proactive Compliance Measures: Prevent penalties with proactive actions.
              • Time and Resource Savings: Streamlined compliance process.
              • Peace of Mind: Confidently face NERC audits.

              Ensure your organization’s next audit engagement through our NERC Audit & Assessment Services. As your trusted compliance partner, we will guide you through the complexities of NERC requirements and empowering your organization to maintain an audit ready posture.


                  Regulatory Services (State & Federal)

                  EPE understands that a complete regulatory compliance program includes more than the NERC standards. Our team of experts can provide an understanding of applicable state utility commission regulations and navigate organized market requirements, including the CAISO tariff, FERC EQR reporting, market protocols, and business practices that impact your facility.

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                        Case Study

                        Pioneer Trail Wind Project

                        EPE evaluated the performance of the Pioneer Trail Wind Project to determine its compliance with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Low Voltage Ride Through (LVRT), High Voltage Ride Through (HVRT), Low Frequency Ride Through (LFRT), and High Frequency Ride Through (HFRT) requirements for wind generating resources. The project must meet the LVRT/HVRT and LFRT/HFRT requirements set forth in NERC Standard PRC-024 for the Eastern Interconnection.