EPE Power Systems Engineer, Julian Thekkemathiote, shared this SPP Reminder:

As per FERC order ER22-253-000 approved changes to the SPP Tariff Attachment V, the Interconnection Customers are required to transition to the newly revised tariff in order to remain in the SPP Generation Interconnection (GI) Queue.

As per Section 5.1.1 of the SPP Tariff Attachment V, Generator Interconnection Procedures (GIP), all projects in the DISIS 2018-02 and 2019-01 Queue need to meet the requirements set forth by SPP no later than May 3, 2022. Failure to do so would result in the withdrawal of the project from the GI Queue and it would not proceed to the DISIS Phase 1 studies starting in June 2022.

Some of those key requirements are:
1.      Execute the newly revised Appendix 3 Generator Interconnection Study Agreement
2.      Complete and submit newly revised Attachment A, B, and C Forms to Appendix 3 included in the SPP Tariff Attachment V
3.      Additional Site Control (or financial deposit in lieu of) for Gen Tie Line, per Section 8.2 (a) of SPP Tariff Attachment V
4.      Provide Financial Security One, per Section 8.2 (f) at $4,000/MW in the form of Letter of Credit or Cash Deposit

There is additional information required as well, including modeling data, collector information, one-line, etc.

Furthermore, the subsequent queues (2020-01 and 2021-01) will have similar requirements to meet in order to proceed to Phase 1 studies further down the year. SPP will be providing a notice to each of those projects as well.

Electric Power Engineers, LLC has extensive experience in the SPP market, and our team is available to support you to meet these requirements and help projects proceed to the DISIS Phase 1 studies in SPP.

If you need support with requirements in the SPP market, please contact your account manager or schedule a consult.