Electric Power Engineers’ Senior Engineering Manager, Aoxia (Kevin) Chen, Ph.D., MBA, P.E. shared this update:

As per FERC order ER22-253-000, there were 3 strategies put forward by SPP that were approved to alleviate the massive backlog that SPP currently holds, thus restricting the Interconnection Customers (ICs) from developing their projects.

The strategies and their implementation adopted by the SPP are the following:

1) Reduce restudies through development milestones: New Site Control Requirements | Progressively Non-Refundable Study Deposits | Begin Interconnection Facilities Study During Phase Two | Eliminate DP3 and Begin GIA Negotiation During Interconnection Facilities Study

2) Increase financial commitments: Increase in the security from $2000/MW to $4000/MW in Financial Security 1 and 2 | Making the 25% of Financial Security 1 and 2 “at-risk” after the start of Phase 1 and end of DP1, respectively.

3) Simplify and reduce study timelines: Processing the DISIS clusters in parallel with each other by starting Phase 1 of subsequent clusters after the end of DP1 of the prior clusters. Similarly, starting phase 2 after DP2 of prior clusters. | Revising the procedures to reduce the amount of time to complete DISIS Phase One and Interconnection Facilities Study.

The applications currently in SPP’s study backlog were submitted a few years ago and in today’s fast-paced energy environment, plans and technology can change quickly. To account for any developments since the applications were first submitted for the DISIS-2018-01 cluster, SPP has provided ICs with a 20-business day window (deadline of Feb 18, 2022) to update any of their interconnection applications in this cluster and submit the revised financial security 1 ($4,000/MW) before SPP commences Phase 1 studies for the cluster.

As per Section 5.1.1 of the SPP Tariff Attachment V, Generator Interconnection Procedures (GIP), a similar window will be offered in the coming months for subsequent clusters (DISIS-2018-02 and later) for ICs to update their previously submitted applications. However, this is a very narrow period to update interconnection applications, acquire funds for deposits and ensure the adequacy of site control, thus it would be prudent to get a head-start on getting everything in order.

Further, FERC has approved for the DISIS-2022-001 queue cluster window to remain open until after the completion of Phase 1 for DISIS-2021-001 (anticipated in March 2023).

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The application revision for DISIS 2018 is due this month. Speak with your account manager or schedule a consult to get your revision submitted in time.