EPE Engineering Manager of Interconnection Services, Sameh Al-Eryani, recently shared the below information regarding some important updates happening in the PJM footprint:

Is your project part of PJM’s Transition Cycle TC1? Get prepared as PJM has kicked off Phase I System Impact Study and have released their TC1 cases yesterday. Navigating this transition cycle demands expertise, and that’s precisely where EPE shines. We offer a unique perspective having supported numerous developers in this region but also having numerous engineers who have directly supported PJM with these types of studies. This expertise allows us to proactively study the TC1 study and help you prepare for the study results and understand the implications of your TC1 projects.


EPE specializes in conducting advanced studies that can provide insights beyond PJM’s official assessments as we look at impact of queue withdrawals and potential sizing optimizations. Our consultants are ready to assist you with running these studies and understanding the intricate dynamics and optimizing your project’s size for cost-effective outcomes.


If you’re a developer in PJM’s first transition cycle, we can help you navigate all these complexities and optimize your project’s outcome. Feel free to reach out to myself, Horea Catanase anyone else in the Electric Power Engineers team for support.

For more information on how EPE can support your PJM project through the TC1 process, please reach out to Horea Catanase or Sameh Al-Eryani, or book a consultation with the team here.