Electric Power Engineers NERC CIP Program Manager, Darrel Grumman, hosted an informational webinar discussing NERC CIP Senior Manager & Security Awareness on April 14, 2022. You can watch the webinar below.

Whether you’re new to NERC CIP Compliance or have worked in it for years, this webinar can help you understand who a CIP Senior Manager is and what their role is within the CIP-003 Reliability Standard. We will also discuss requirements and best practices around creating and implementing a Security Awareness program for your NERC CIP compliance program.

Darrel Grumman, NERC CIP Program Manager
Darrel Grumman is a dynamic compliance professional with over 15 years of utility experience related to Transmission Owner, Transmission Operator, Transmission Planner, Generator Owner and Generator Operator functional entities with a focus on NERC Compliance program management and oversight. In his career, Darrel has amassed program management experience and a unique blend of expertise leading more than 14 different NERC Registration, working closely with all 7 Regional Entities and audit teams as a Primary Compliance Contact for large and medium sized Registered Entities to develop an extensive foundation in audit preparation and day-to-day management of NERC CIP Compliance programs.