EPE extends global reach of electrical engineering consulting services specializing in renewable energy planning and integration.   

Vancouver, Canada (April 17, 2023) – Electric Power Engineers, an electrical engineering and energy consulting firm based in Austin, Texas, USA, announced its official expansion into Canada with the establishment of a legal entity in Vancouver, EPE Consulting, Ltd. The expansion allows the company to better serve Canadian-based utilities, generation owners, developers, as well as other energy industry stakeholders, and continue to recruit and retain talent in Canada. 

“Electric Power Engineers has a talented and skilled workforce whose expertise makes them uniquely qualified to address our changing electrical grid,” said Hala Ballouz, President & CEO of Electric Power Engineers. “Establishing the Canadian Entity is part of our strategic goals to support the tremendous growth of EPE’s reach and breadth of services, where our colleagues in Canada are vital to supporting our client’s needs. We look forward to continued expansion of our team in Canada and globally.” 

Electric Power Engineers hired its first Canadian team member in 2021 and grew that workforce to 30 employees currently in the country. The engineers based there serve on energy resource integration and interconnection, energy market analysis, transmission and distribution planning, grid modernization and DER integration business units.  

“I’m so proud of our team and grateful to be a part of the work we do to support the Energy Transition,” said Kalyan Chilukuri, Vice President of Energy Resources at Electric Power Engineers. “Our Canadian team will continue to serve international clients as well as those close to home as we further EPE’s reach in North America.”  

Electric Power Engineers has offices and local resources in Texas and Illinois in the United States, Bahrain, Canada, Lebanon, Panama, and Saudi Arabia. To learn more about the firm, visit epeconsulting.com.