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Who We Serve

EPE serves the needs of key client groups such as investor-owned utilities (IOUs), municipal-owned utilities (MOUs), cooperative utilities, independent system operators (ISOs), project developers, owners, and independent power producers, as well as other grid stakeholders. 

Power Delivery

Power Generation & Renewables

Energy Storage

Distributed Energy Resources

Commercial and Industrial

Governments and Universities


Power Delivery

EPE helps Power Delivery clients to:

  • Augment staff, reduce workloads and avoid backlogs by outsourcing time consuming and complex projects to a team with deep subject matter expertise across reliability and grid compliance.
  • Gain a cost-effective and scalable partner to manage multiple projects, drive long-term predictions and planning initiatives, and keep up with complex and rapidly changing regulatory and reliability requirements.
  • Increase efficiency and ensure accuracy by leveraging detail- driven consultants to perform power system studies and guide strategic future-focused decisions across grid modernization, transmission and distribution planning to continue to reliably and economically serve electric consumers.


Power Generation and Renewables

EPE helps Power Generation and Renewables clients:

  • Confront site and performance issues quickly and effectively by turning to a dedicated team of forward-thinking power engineers with deep industry expertise to augment your team when needed.
  • Gain high-quality project development and interconnection process support with a team of power generation consultants that are highly experienced in tasks including technical, economic and feasibility studies, plant modeling and project design, market analysis, site selection and more.
  • Address constant changes in compliance with ease by relying on NERC and regulatory compliance experts, with unmatched technical knowledge and experience across multiple regions and systems, to act as an extension of the team throughout the full project life cycle.


    Energy Storage

    EPE helps Energy Storage clients to:

    • Plan, study, and design interconnected networks and micro grids for reliable and cost-effective systems by utilizing Energy Storage as a solution to reduce renewable intermittency and non-wire alternatives for T&D systems.
    • Stay on top of evolving technologies and regulations by leveraging a team of experts committed to looking beyond the solutions of today and preparing for long-term success.
    • Achieve maximum results and ensure accuracy by depending on our full-service approach and detail-oriented team to manage the ongoing complexities of projects including grid modernization initiatives, interconnection and market studies, and sizing optimization.


      Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

      EPE helps Distributed Energy Resources client applications to:

      • Plan, study and design DER programs for electric networks that span modernization, T&D planning, interconnection, compliance and more, while navigating the regulatory, technical and policy requirements and ensuring compliance.
      • Integrate, facilitate and automate interconnection processes and applications into the interconnected electric grids and micro-grids for reliable and cost-effective solutions, such as non-wires alternatives or renewable augmentation.
      • Stay on top of evolving technologies and regulations by leveraging a team of Distributed Energy Resources experts highly involved in defining and delivering future-forward power and energy initiatives that act with the client’s best interest in mind throughout non-wire alternatives for T&D systems.


        Industrial and Commercial

        EPE helps Industrial and Commercial clients:

        • Reach sustainability and clean energy goals while reducing costs by turning to a team of power and energy experts to drive project development, lead modernization initiatives and implement forward-thinking technologies and solutions.
        • Improve reliability and resiliency by leveraging the expertise of attentive electric power engineers to guide you on sustainable and innovative methods that will enable the client to supply power economically and dynamically.
        • Resolve load and behind the meter generation interconnection complexities and challenges by partnering with a team of experienced consultants who understand unique needs and go beyond scope to ensure project success.


          Governments and Universities

          EPE helps Governments and University clients to:

          • Maximize resources by relying on a team of proven power and energy consultants with experience across governments and universities to drive key initiatives including grid modernization, transmission and distribution planning, interconnection and more.
          • Use grants and funds effectively to support energy missions from critical electrical infrastructure and facilities to international development.
          • Lead the energy transition by building integrated infrastructure that supports a more modern and economical grid of the future through capacity building and strategic guidance from dedicated consultants.

            Case Studies

            EPE's technical experts deliver critical consulting services across all technologies impacting the power landscape, providing solutions to invester-owned and municipal-owned utilities, cooperatives, independent system operators, developers, owners and independent power producers as well as other grid stakeholders. View our projects and case studies to learn more about our work. 

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