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Who We Serve

When our clients come to us, they’re seeking experts they can trust with critical projects. As power engineering experts, we know the stakes—and have the processes, team, and experience to make it a success. EPE serves the needs of key client groups such as investor-owned utilities (IOUs), municipal-owned utilities (MOUs), cooperative utilities, independent system operators (ISOs), project developers, owners, and independent power producers, as well as other grid stakeholders. 

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Power Delivery

Investor-owned Utilities (IOUs) | Municipal-owned Utilities (MOUs) | Cooperatives (Coops) | G&T (Generation and Transmission) | Federal Electric Utilities | ISOs/RTOs | PUCs

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Commercial & Industrial

Governments | Universities | Commercial & Industrial (C&I)

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Power Generation & Renewables

Renewable and Energy Storage Developers and Owners | Conventional Generation | Merchant Transmission | Load Developer

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Investment Stakeholders

Financial Institutions and Insurance Companies

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Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firms

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Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Case Studies

EPE's technical experts deliver critical consulting services across all technologies impacting the power landscape, providing solutions to invester-owned and municipal-owned utilities, cooperatives, independent system operators, developers, owners and independent power producers as well as other grid stakeholders. View our projects and case studies to learn more about our work. 

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