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Our Capabilities

EPE’s capabilities and services cover the full spectrum of transmission, distribution, generation, and technology needs from key client groups. EPE delivers excellence with a team of technical experts including power systems engineers and energy consultants enabled by technology and automation.

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Demand Flexibility

Optimize energy consumption, enhance grid reliability, and find cost savings.

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DER Integration

Seamless Distributed Energy Resources (DER) integration for a resilient, sustainable, and efficient grid.

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Design Studies

Get support to build a PV, wind, energy storage, or hyrbrid system.

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Digital Transformation

Drive efficiency, innovation, and competitive advantage through digitalization.

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Distribution Design

Ensure reliability, efficiency, and future-readiness through expert engineering support.

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Energy Market Analysis

Get support to build a PV, wind, energy storage, or hyrbrid system.

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Grid Modernization

Leverage new technologies to enhanced grid resilience, efficiency and adaptability.

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Electrification Planning

Plan EV integration for homes, highways and fleets to transition from fossil fuels to electric heating.

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Interconnection Services

Our generation, load and transmission interconnection services support wind, solar, storage, hybrid systems, and more.

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Owner's Engineering

An owner’s engineer can support you with expert oversight, technical assurance, and project management.

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Project Finance Services

Advice from technical experts to navigate complex funding, optimize capital structure, and access sustainable growth opportunities.

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Protection & Controls

Integrate the latest system safety and reliability with P&C services.

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Regulatory Compliance

Access regulatory consultants who can help you navigate, NERC, FERC and other regulatory compliance standards.

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Optimize energy consumption, enhance grid reliability, and find cost savings.

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T&D Planning & Operations

Optimize grid performance and anticipate future growth with integrated transmission and distribution planning and operations.

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T&D Studies

Transmission and distribution studies for project site selection and sizing.

Leading global power system engineering & consulting firm.

We tailor our services to ensure your project’s success, and we consider ourselves an extension of your team.

ENERGY engineering consulting services

A leader in grid reliability and resiliency, Electric Power Engineers (EPE) has partnered with power and energy clients across the globe for over 50 years. Offering comprehensive services and proprietary solutions spanning utility engineering, grid and resource integration, reliability and compliance, and software and grid analytics, EPE’s client-centric approach delivers unmatched expertise throughout the project life cycle. Committed to designing and developing the grid of the future, EPE’s highly experienced team of detail-oriented consultants are passionate about helping clients address complex engineering and grid modeling challenges, bridge gaps, and gain visibility into the evolving complexities of the grid.

Global electrical engineering support 

With locations in Texas and Illinois in the United States, Canada, Panama, and Lebanon, we serve clients internationally. Our executive team has more than 160 years of experience in the industry working with hundreds of generating facilities and dozens of energy storage installations. 

Case Studies

EPE's technical experts deliver critical consulting services across all technologies impacting the power landscape, providing solutions to invester-owned and municipal-owned utilities, cooperatives, independent system operators, developers, owners and independent power producers as well as other grid stakeholders. View our projects and case studies to learn more about our work. 

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