At Electric Power Engineers, we pride ourselves on partnering with energy clients worldwide to address intricate engineering and grid modeling challenges. Our team, with its decades of experience, is at the forefront of designing, planning, and implementing demand response (DR), distributed energy resources (DERs), and transportation and building electrification programs. Our recent collaboration with Paducah Power System is a testament to our commitment to shaping the future of electrification. 

Paducah’s EV Readiness 

Electric vehicles (EVs) are no longer a distant dream. With their rechargeable batteries, enhanced road speeds, and state-of-the-art in-car features, EVs are rapidly gaining traction among consumers. Recognizing the potential and the challenges that come with it, Paducah Power System engaged Electric Power Engineers to assess their EV readiness. 

As seen on WPSD Local NBC Channel 6: Local agencies talk workforce development for electric vehicles and charging stations

Sparking the Conversation 

In a bid to explore the growing opportunities in the EV sector, Paducah Power System and Electric Power Engineers hosted a roundtable discussion. The primary focus? Workforce development for electric vehicles and charging stations. 

Andrea Underwood, the spokeswoman for Paducah Power System, highlighted the diverse representation at the event, from local training schools and colleges to industry and union representatives. The community’s enthusiasm for EVs was evident, with a survey garnering over 1,000 responses. A significant portion of these responses emphasized the need for training and workforce development for EV mechanics and technicians. 



The Road Ahead 

Mary Anne Medlock of the West Kentucky Workforce Board emphasized the importance of starting at the grassroots level in secondary education. With colleges already making significant contributions, high schools present an untapped potential for technical training in areas ranging from welding and construction to healthcare and robotics. 

Danielle Murray, our consultant at Electric Power Engineers, echoed this sentiment. She stressed the importance of familiarizing younger generations with EVs, given the rapid growth in this sector. While the skills required aren’t drastically different from current professions like electricians and mechanics, there’s a need to update them on new applications and changes to the national electric code. 

As seen in the Paducah Sun: As EVs gain popularity, Paducah agencies talk workforce development

Looking Forward 

As we continue to expand our clientele and services in electrification and EV planning, our focus remains on supporting various initiatives, from civic projects and digitalization to reliability and resiliency. 

Are you ready to get started on your organization’s path to electrification? Contact us to discover how Electric Power Engineers can assist you in your electrification planning endeavors.